Is Your Workout Worth the Cost?

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Nowadays there is always a new gym opening, or new fitness fad. As a person who really enjoys working out, I have spent a lot of money on fitness related classes and events over my lifetime. From traveling to run marathons, to flywheel spin classes, to barre and pilates. I’ve tried them all and more!

To a lot of people, the thought of spending $150/month to exercise is ridiculous and they could never justify it. In the Seattle area, outside of joining a standard gym, it’s hard to find a workout class or group that is less than this-some are much more. After years of paying a lot of money to workout and hire coaches for marathons and triathlons, I finally stopped because I didn’t want the expense. Instead I joined LA Fitness for $35/month. I loved the savings I was getting but wasn’t happy with my motivation. I find it so easy to workout when I’m training for a race or have a group class to go to, but heading to the gym after work by myself to do the treadmill and weights just isn’t motivating. Over the past 8 months, I’ve hardly made it to the gym and notice a difference in the way I feel about myself.

When I’m not working out consistently I’m less patient, and just not as happy overall. I’m pretty frugal in most aspects of my life and stick to my budget each month, but working out is something very important to me. I made the decision to cancel my $35/month gym membership since I’m not using it anyway, and signed up for a boot camp class that costs more. I don’t really want the added expense but if it makes me more focused at work, a better wife, and happier with myself I think it is completely worth it.

It all goes back to picking and choosing what is most important to you. In choosing to pay for a more expensive workout I continue to bring my lunch every day, and I don’t impulse spend.

Do you spend money on a gym or fitness membership, and do you feel like the money is well spent?

2 thoughts on “Is Your Workout Worth the Cost?

  1. £150 a month does sound ridiculous to me if I’m being honest, but I am full time student and anything higher than the £3 meal deal for lunch offends me!! My university gym is truly amazing, £10 a month unlimited access to gym and classes are included. I know I’ll never get this anywhere else, but didn’t want to break the bank for when I moved home. So I joined one for £16 a month and, well, because of the low prices, it attracts the wrong sort of people. I could feel them staring at me up and down and I’m just not comfortable doing my workout there!! I guess it does pay! x


    1. Thanks for stopping by LexiLife! It definitely isn’t cheap. In my area the cheapest gym I have found is $35/month before tax. It comes to about $42/month after tax and you really don’t get much for it.There are almost no classes, and it is so crowded that if you go after 5pm you will often have to wait for a machine to open up. There are a lot of standard gyms in the Seattle area that cost $100-250/month, so a specialty class for $150 is a pretty good deal (although still very expensive I know!) around here.

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